The goal of the project DONAUHANSE is to establish a network of cities, which provides sound solutions to similar problems with the greatest possible benefit for all participating cities and regions along the Danube.

INTERREG IIIB CADSES Project Network DonauHanse

Starting point of DonauHanse was a vision of the Working Community of the Danube Regions to implement a co-operation between the Danube cities and ports based on the historical “Hanse”.

The City of Vienna, the Working Community of the Bavarian Danube Cities and other partners initiated a project proposal, which was submitted under the CADSES Programme in 2003. The CADSES steering committee approved the project in April 2004.

The kick-off Meeting of DonauHanse was held on 08.-09.12.2004 in Melk (Austria). Main objective during this kick-off was the development of a project work plan with different milestones. The target was to successfully finish the project on 31.12.2006.

In February 2005 the kick-off conference took place in the Vienna city hall. Participants of this conference were the project partners, affiliated organisations, interregional, transnational and international organisations and diplomatic missions. During the conference the project partners had the possibility to present project ideas they had planned to develop within DonauHanse.

In 2005 the project focussed on the assignment and implementation of the project ideas and the project related public relations, for example the development of the DonauHanse Information and Communication Platform, an online tool for communication and information transfer between the Danube Cities.

In March 2006 the second Danube conference was held in Deggendorf (Germany). The partners presented the realised project activities and started with the implementation of the activities of the second year. Concerning the activities, three priorities were set during this conference:

  • Know-how transfer workshops
  • Intensify public relations (exhibitions, lectures, papers)
  • DonauHanse mayor conference

Due to the regulations of the INTERREG IIIB CADSES programme (2000 – 2006) the support of project ideas of the project partners outside the European Union (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Rumania, Serbia and Croatia) were forbidden. Due to this know-how transfer workshops were used to develop project ideas of the non co-financing partners.

The first DonauHanse mayors conference, on the 06.-07.12.2006, closed successfully the CADSES project and started the network of Danube cities. On this conference the resolution “Future co-operation in the DONAUHANSE Process” was signed by 19 mayors and leading officials of the participating cities.

This document builds the foundation of the following cooperation and includes the priorities for the years 2007-2013:

  • Compile of sensible solution for same-disposed problems of the signatories with the greatest possible benefit for all involved Danube cities and regions;
  • Intensify and extend the DonauHanse process and
  • Integrate new Danube cities and regions into the DonauHanse–network.

Results of the CADSES project DonauHanse 2003-2006

  • Network of more than 20 Danube cities,
  • Information and communication platform
  • Tourism: master plan, tourism-marketing strategy, Donauwiesel (feasibility study). The project “Destination Danube” was prepared, based on the tourism master plan.
  • Freighting initiative (feasibility study): This study shows, that 6 million t goods can be transferred from the street to the Danube. The study is the foundation of two project ideas: goods scheduled service and container-scheduled service.
  • Insert in newspapers: “RONDO” in the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany) and the Standard (Austria),
  • Culture: Danube guide, Danube exhibition in “LeuchtBox”,
  • Economic summer school sensor technology, entrepreneurship, CORIS (Cluster-Oriented Regional Information System), renewable commodities (study);