The goal of the project DONAUHANSE is to establish a network of cities, which provides sound solutions to similar problems with the greatest possible benefit for all participating cities and regions along the Danube.

Metropolisation of river basins, between threats and opportunities

By invitation of the organiser INTA (International Urban Development Association), experts of the DonauHanse network (Vienna, Schwechat, Novi Sad, Bratislava) participated in the discussion about "Metropolisation of river basins, between threats and opportunities". The round table took place on 15 May 2012 within the REAL CORP 2012 conference at the Multiversum event centre in Schwechat and provided the occasion to explore the new dimensions of urban development along river basins.

To explain the aims of the city network, Markus Damm presented the development of DonauHanse to its current standing. Starting from the end of the INTERREG III B CADSES project, DonauHanse organised several activities like project management or knowledge transfer workshops, the CUPA (Co-operative Urban Planning Approches) workshop series or the contribution to proposals for EU funded projects. The CUPA project and the methodology behind it was in detail explained by Volkmar Pamer, who also was involved in the INTERREG IIIC project MILUnet - Multifunctional Intensive Land Use Network project, from which the used methodology was derived of.

Marek Dinka from the City of Bratislava introduced the audience into the CBC Austria - Slovakia project BAUM – “Bratislava Umland Management”, in which the outcomes of the first CUPA were integrated. The representative of Novi Sad, Darko Polic, presented the results of the recently held CUPA workshop in Novi Sad which had the main task to elaborate a perspective for the development of the Fisherman & Kamenica Islands recreational areas and of the former industrial estate known as “Chinese Quarter” at the Danube.
In the framework of the round table discussion and the REAL CORP conference, DonauHanse and CEIT organised a site visit in Vienna on the 14 May 2012. The participants were invited to visit the Cable & Wire Factory as an example of redevelopment of an old factory, the Danube Island as success story for a flood protection used for recreation and the development concept of the Donaufeld in the 21. and 22. district of Vienna.

The REAL CORP conferences have been held on an annual basis since 1996. About 500 experts from all across the world, primarily from the fields of urban planning, transport planning, information and communication technology, architecture, social and environmental sciences, real estate industry, GIS, geodesy and remote sensing, multimedia technologies, etc. will discuss projects and solutions to current issues of urban planning, regional development and information society at this international and highly interdisciplinary conference. The conference languages are German and English. Further information is available at

The documentation of the round table discussion is also available on website of INTA.