The goal of the project DONAUHANSE is to establish a network of cities, which provides sound solutions to similar problems with the greatest possible benefit for all participating cities and regions along the Danube.

optihubs – optimisation of logistic processes at multimodal nodes for goods suitable for waterway transports

The development of multimodal hubs is a very sensitive task that can only be managed through simulation techniques due to numerous occurring logistic processes and location based circumstances. On the market there are some isolated innovative solutions available already that mostly suffer from a missing holistic approach as well as the lack of consideration of business-management and macroeconomic effects. Based on a case study at the Port of Vienna, a standardised optimization system for multi-modal hubs – so called optihubs - is currently being developed with new simulation algorithms. It analyses, combines and optimizes significant administrative, operational and logistic hub processes by means of micro simulation and can be visualised in 3D.

In additional to port-based assessments macroeconomic developments tend to result in a reduced transport of bulk goods on European inland waterways. Consequently alternative shipping goods are identified to strengthen inland waterway transports.