The city of Deggendorf lays in the South of Bavaria in the district Niederbayern. In the year 1002 Deggendorf was documentary mentioned the first time.The charming town of Deggendorf lies 300 m above sea level, and stretches,114 m along the banks of the Danube, one of Europe’s major international waterways.
Deggendorf is a district town with a population of 31,727. Apart from beautiful surroundings, Deggendorf also boasts a number of historical buildings and sights - the Old Town Hall, the town walls, the Church of St Peter and St Paul, the Church of the Assumption, a cultural quarter and the historical town centre – all of which will delight your passengers.
The unusual pear-shaped site of the historical town centre - still clearly discernible today - dates from the early Middle Ages.
An attractive pedestrian precinct, extending from Oberer Stadtplatz through the old town quarter to the newly-laid out square Luitpoldplatz, makes a stroll through Deggendorf a truly enjoyable experience.

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