Giurgiu City has a Danube Port with 2 km of peers at the Danube and 1.5 km of peers at the Sf. Gheorghe Channel. The Giurgiu County landscape is a typical lowland landscape. As for the infrastructure, Giurgiu County is located at the junction of three circulation systems: road, rail and naval. Apart from the East - West and North - South European road and rail link, there is also a cross-border checkpoint and a cross-border terminal for cargo, on the E85 Road. A new container terminal is under construction within Giurgiu Free Trade Area. The international transport of in-transit cargo and passengers is carried out through the three cross-border checkpoints: Cross-border Checkpoint (CBC) and Cross-border Terminal (CBT) linked to the Friendship Bridge (the only bridge over the Danube that links Romania to Bulgaria), CBC Mocanasul & Ramadan linked to the ferry transport. The population of the city is estimated at 70,000 inhabitants, according to the last census.

The geographical position of the County within the Burnazului Plains conferred the agricultural status of the County. Apart from the agriculture goods production and services offered by the County’s resources, there are also present textile and fabric industry, and also the food industry.

The Port of Giurgiu is one of the main ports on the Danube River. There is a container terminal in the Giurgiu Free Trade Area. There is also the possibility of ensuring services for passengers, by a ferryboat line from Giurgiu to Rousse.

The bridge over the Danube, built between 1952 and 1954, and symbolically called “The Friendship Bridge”, is the only bridge over the Danube that links Romania to Bulgaria. Its total length is 2.8 km and its height is 30 m. The bridge structure is designed on two levels, the upper part for road traffic, and the lower part for rail traffic. The middle section of the bridge is height-adjustable, depending on the vessels that pass underneath it.

The international cargo and passengers transport is carried out through the three Cross-border Checkpoints:

  • CBC and CBT linked to the Friendship Bridge;
  • CBC Mocanasul & Ramadan linked to the ferry transport;
  • Giurgiu Cross-border Office (the first founded CBC), is carrying out its activities on a surface of 28.3 hectares,

Since 1999, the Regional Centre SECI for Fighting Cross-border Infringements has been founded. Giurgiu owns a fibre optic network, part of the national telecommunication network. Mobile and fixed telephony networks cover the most of the county territory.

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