The city of Odessa, often called as “the pearl of the Black Sea coast”, is situated on the vast North-Eastern plateau of the Black Sea, stretching for tens of kilometers along the seashore. This area is a rising, rarely crossed by small drains and ravines. Kuyalnitskij, Tilligulskij, Dnestrovskij, Sukhoj, Khadjibejskij firths are located in close vicinity to Odessa.

The city is a regional centre, that together with the neighbour towns of Ilyichevsk and Yuzhnyy, forms an important industrial and commercial complex of Ukraine.

Food industry, machine building and metal processing, oil industry, building materials industry, chemical, oil-chemical, light and medicine industry establishments dominate in the city’s economy.

The port of Odessa is an international commercial sea-gate of multifunctional type. It is connected with more than 600 ports of 100 countries of the world by its transport lines. Ferry lines operating in Odessa connect the city with Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia and Greece. The port is recognized as the basic cruise port of Ukraine.

Odessa International Airport is one of the largest airports in Ukraine. It is connected with a lot of Ukrainian cities, as well as the countries of the CIS, Western Europe, Asia and Africa.

In the 1st millennium B.C. the North-Eastern Black Sea region was inhabited by the Cimmerians, Scythians and Sarmatians. Together with the nomads, the settled tribes, who were the ancestors of the Slavs, used to live there. Greek colonization influenced their culture a lot, also there was the colony of Istrians. Beginning from the 9th century the Black Sea region was invaded by the Pechenegs and Kipchaks that conquered each other out from time to time. For a short period of time the Genoeses occupied the bay in the 13th century. In the 14th century Tatars founded the settlement named Khadjibey (in honour of Khadji Bey). In different times it was named also Kachibey, Kotsubeev, Gadjibey, Adjibey.

In the 15th century the Black Sea region was conquered by the Crimean Khanate and later – by the Ottoman Empire. After the first half of 18th century the importance of Khadjibey considerably increased and Turks built the Yeny-Dunya fortress here. In 1789 the Russian troops together with Ukrainian Cossacks seized both the fortress and the settlement of Khadjibey banishing the Turkish invaders from this territory.

In five years on 02.09.1794 the cornerstones of harbour installations were laid. This date is considered now to be a birthday of a new city in the South of Ukraine. Shortly after it was named “Odessa” (after the fortress “Odessos” on the Black sea was built by Greek settlers from Miletus in VII century B.C.).

Developing rapidly, Odessa left behind the other cities of Southern Ukraine and from the first quarter of the 19th century it occupied the leading positions in the country as a significant centre of trade, economy, culture and education.

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