The goal of the project DONAUHANSE is to establish a network of cities, which provides sound solutions to similar problems with the greatest possible benefit for all participating cities and regions along the Danube.

Boosting Innovation Policies with Clusters along the Danube

12.06.2013 | EU Strategy for the Danube Region, Events

PA8 of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region and the European Region Danube-Vltava jointly organise the international conference "Boosting Innovation Policies with Clusters along the Danube". The conference takes place on 27-28 June in Linz, Austria.

The registration website for the EUSDR Conference "Boosting Innovation Policies with Clusters along the Danube" is now online.

Please go to:
On this website you find a link for registration as well as the agenda of the event!

On the agenda is the optimization of cluster policies and international cluster cooperation in order to further the strategic development of cluster policy across the Danube Region.

For this purpose, a special focus will be put on the EU funding period 2014-2020: representatives of several Directorate-Generals of the European Commission present the future EU support for strengthening cluster and innovation policies. In addition, the conference participants are invited to express their needs and expectations for the new funding period to the programming authorities.

For further details on the conference, please consult the attached document: EUSDR-ERDV Cluster and Innovation Conference.pdf