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EU wants ships to report their CO2 emissions

06.06.2013 | Mobility

The European Commission wants ships sailing in European Union waters to monitor, report and verify their CO2 emissions, reports the weekly news magazine “”.

The article cites a Commission draft proposal, which would require ships over 5,000 gross tonnes to report their CO2-emissions from 2017. “Ships would have to report all emissions emitted since their last port of call before entering EU waters, or their first port of call after exiting the EU. The reporting would have to be verified by a third party and sent to the European Maritime Safety Agency.”

The Commission’s proposal was presented since no agreement was reached at international level through the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). “The IMO is thought to be several years away from agreeing on an international market-based system for lowering shipping emissions, and talks are currently focusing on first developing a monitoring system.” Until an international deal is reached through IMO, the Commission plans to monitor emissions independently, reports “”.

The Commission has also not ruled out eventually making shipping emissions subject to the EU's Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). EU readies reporting requirements for ships