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Innovation Cities Index: Vienna is Europe’s most innovative city

06.06.2013 | Urban development

The Australian innovation agency 2thinknow compares 445 cities worldwide each year in regard to their innovation potential. This "Innovation Cities Global Index" ranks Vienna in third place, just behind Boston and New York, which were announced as twin winners for the period of 2001-2013. In 2011, Vienna was still ranked in 5th place.

Within Europe, Vienna now ranks as the most innovative city, ahead of Paris, Munich, London, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam.

The City of Vienna was also classified as a “Nexus City,” a status that is only awarded to the 35 most innovative cities in the world.

The innovation agency 2thinknow receives continually updated data from 1.540 cities, 445 of which are chosen for the Innovation Cities Index. A city’s innovation potential is based on data from 162 indicators. These indicators are grouped into three categories: Cultural Assets, Human Infrastructure (from mobility to start-ups, health, finance and more), and? Networked Markets (the power of a city in a networked world).

These factors serve as a basis to measure a city’s potential to successfully turn innovative ideas into regional or global innovations.


Innovation Cities Indexes 2012-2013