The goal of the project DONAUHANSE is to establish a network of cities, which provides sound solutions to similar problems with the greatest possible benefit for all participating cities and regions along the Danube.

Working Community of the Danube Countries, meeting about transport & navigation

24.10.2013 | Events, Donauhanse

On September 20, 2013 the 23rd meeting of the working group on transport & navigation of the working community of the danube countries took place in St. Pölten. Representatives from all 40 member regions along the Danube were invited. The meeting was dominated by two major topics. On the one hand, the proposed cooperation of the Working community of the Danube Countries with the Council of Danube Cities and Regions, on the other hand, the cooperation of the Danube regions with the regions at the western Black Sea coast. For these reasons, the representatives of the Black Sea regions as well as all Danube regions were invited to the meeting. Donauhanse was represented by DI Markus McDowell, who also took advantage of the opportunity of giving an overview on the current issues in the Donauhanse.