The goal of the project DONAUHANSE is to establish a network of cities, which provides sound solutions to similar problems with the greatest possible benefit for all participating cities and regions along the Danube.

CUPA - Co-operative Urban Planning Approaches

As part of the Co-operative Urban Planning Approaches (CUPA) project, partner cities – mainly from the Danube region - organize a series of workshops to discuss specific urban planning problems.  The workshops provide participants with an opportunity to analyze these problems in a structured manner and develop appropriate solutions. The methodology and structure to be used derive from the project MILUnet (Multifunctional and Intensive Land Use network).

Workshop partner cities: Vienna, Bratislava, Novi Sad, Krakow, Lublin, Vidin,  Lviv, Odessa and Zagreb.

The workshops follow a standardized structure. Each workshop lasts 3 days and has approximately 25 participants. The participants include 1-2 experts from each of the cities participating in the project and 50% local experts from city in which the workshop is being held.

Participating cities have signed a Letter of Commitment at the start of the project. In the workshop preparation phase each city has to prepare an analysis of the specific problem area to be discussed in their workshop, and distribute this information (as well as additional supporting documentation) to the other participating cities in advance. This will help to ensure that all participants are well prepared and that the workshops are successful. Experts from the city of Vienna (as project organizer) would assist workshop cities in this advance planning as well as workshop organization.