The goal of the project DONAUHANSE is to establish a network of cities, which provides sound solutions to similar problems with the greatest possible benefit for all participating cities and regions along the Danube.

Second project management basics workshop in Odessa

As the first DonauHanse Project Management Workshop in Odessa in July 2009 had been an overwhelming success, the city of Odessa, in autumn, asked Vienna to organise another Project Management Basics Workshop. The workshop, which was held from 22.-26.02.2010, was prepared and successfully delivered by TINA VIENNA staff members Gabriele Schinko and Markus Damm in cooperation with the city of Odessa.

The aim was to provide the participants with individual project management skills focusing on urban projects, impart skills to elaborate a project manual as part of the project management sub-process "project start" and apply project management methods and tools to specific projects implemented by the participants.

The presented methods were applied to the following projects realised by the participants:

  • The school of managing personnel reserve (Science and Education Dept. and K. Ushinskiy South-Ukrainian State Pedagogic University): This project focuses on the training and further training of educators, such as teachers or nursery school teachers, to strengthen their management skills and consequently also to improve the educational system.
  • Collegiality of Ukraine by the eyes of young people (Dept. of Youth and Family Policy and Odessa National University named after I.I. Mechinkov): The aim of the project is to determine the existence of a regional gap in the views of young people in Ukraine and to quantify it by means of a related study, if so required.
  • Co-operation of organs of power with the third sector (Internal Policy Dept. and Odessa Regional Institute of Public Administration): One problem in Odessa is that there exists a large number of NPOs (non-profit organisations), but data on their efficiency and effectiveness are lacking. The project aims at establishing these data and subsequently at developing possibilities of improved cooperation between public authorities and NPOs.
  • Project of creating a Viennese style park close to the National Academic Opera and Ballet (Dept. of international relations, European integration and Odessa's Diaspora affairs, Utility Enterprise "Gorzelentrest" and Odessa State Academy of Construction and Architecture): The aim of this project is to follow Vienna's example in revitalising a park located in the city centre of Odessa in close proximity of the opera building.

The event was successfully concluded by a presentation of the workshop results by the participants in front of their department heads and media representatives. As part of this presentation, the participants who had successfully completed the workshop, received attendance certificates signed by TINA VIENNA managing directors Alexandra Vogl and Kurt Gollowitzer and by the Director of the Department of International Relations, European Integration and Affairs of the Odessa Diaspora, Odessa City Hall, Oleg Dolzhenkov